Keynote Speaker: Brian Kane
Featured Guest Artists: Ensemble L'arsenale, Sam Pluta and Peter Evans

7PM Concert: ensemble L'arsenale
 Livia Rado, soprano
 Robero Durante, piano
 Filippo Perocco, director

New music with electronics from Italy
works of Maura Lanza, Luigi Nono, Filippo Perocco

9PM Stockhausen Late-Nite
1960 Tape Classic Kontakte in 4 channels

9AM Workshop: Acousmatic Music
Composer/Engineer Sam Pluta works with students in an open workshop

10:30AM Artist Talk: Laptop Improvisation in a Multi-dimensional Space
11AM Session I: Acoustic Technologies, Politics and Digital Rights
Ben Tausig, "Electroacoustic Technologies in Thai Protest Practices"
 Martin Daughtry, Siv Lie (respondents)
Kent Underwood, “Recorded Media and Libraries: Changing Models of Acquisition and Circulation”
Scott Wollschleger, “New Publishing Platforms for Contemporary Composers”
 Nicol Hammond, Clara Latham (respondents)

1PM Lunch Break
Soundwalks by FAS Music Department class “Advanced Sound Studies”

2PM Session II: Creative Audio Practices
Alexander Ness, “D# ≠ E” (multimedia session)
Joshua Hudelson, “Repetition, Windows, Rosary” (mono channel tape)
Filippo Perocco, “il suono detrito - harsh sound” (hand-made instruments)
Merche Blasco, “Espongina” (water, wood and live electronics)
 Catherine Provenzano, Maria Zuazu (respondents)

4PM Keynote: Twilight of the Sound Object, or, How to Aestheticize with a Hammer
Brian Kane (Yale University)

6PM Concert: Sam Pluta and Peter Evans (laptop and trumpet)
Improvisations, new works by Clara Latham and Adam Mirza