Twilight of the Sound Object

music technology in conversation | creative audio practices

New York University Music Department
Graduate Student Symposium and Concerts

May 3 - 4, 2013
NYU Silver Center Room 220

All events free and open to the public.

The labor of technological production is often erased from musical objects as they circulate in today’s complex digital landscape. This conference lends an ear to the specific institution of ‘the studio’, the multiple sites at which technological manipulation of sound take place, seeking new frameworks for understanding the complex intersections of social creativity and technological systems.

Twilight of the Sound Object brings together local musicians and scholars who share a practical interest in these questions, and asks them to listen and play for each other, in the studio. The two-day event is bookended by concerts featuring new compositions, improvisations and performances by our guest artists, ensemble L'arsenale, Sam Pluta, and Peter Evans. Saturday will feature presentations and discussions about audio technology in political protest, digital rights and circulation, and electroacoustic performance practices, culminating in a keynote lecture by Brian Kane, entitled “Twilight of the Sound Object, or, How to Aestheticize with a Hammer.”

These events are sponsored by the NYU FAS Department of Music and First Performance Composer's Club.